Timid Tiger - House of Love

Pretty Much Amazing
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This will probably be the last original Timid Tiger track, that will appear on their new EP, that I am going to share. Beyond this, you guys will have to just wait until March 16th, when Pretty Much Amazing officially drops The PMA.EP.

For those that are signed up for our weekly newsletter, the pmaBLAST,  "House of Love" is old news. You guys will also get a sneak peak into the whole EP this Saturday before it drops on the 16th. Like I mentioned on the newsletter, "House of Love" is my favorite Timid Tiger song to date. As soon as I heard this song, I knew these guys were special. It has this incredible cheer-y sing-along quality to it. I dare you to take a listen to this one and not sing along!

With the right push, I'm sure these guys will be a big force in the new wave of artists to emerge in 2009. I wanted to start the pushing early this year, and hopefully you guys are excited about Timid Tiger as much as I am.

I know a lot of you are playing Timid Tiger songs at parties, and even some of our DJ readers are incorporating tracks by the guys in their sets. I'm interested to know when or if you play a Timid Tiger song in a party or a gig. If you do, what song do you generally play? And once you get the full EP, what song are you most excited to share with other people?

Timid Tiger - House of Love