Tracking 2012’s Best Songs #8

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Tracking 2012s Best Songs #8
St. Vincent – “Krokodil” (4 of 5)
When is Annie Clark going to make a punk album? First she dramatically covers Big Black’s “Kerosene,” then she starts stage-diving while stretching out Marry Me highlight “Your Lips Are Red” into a ten-minute jam complete with at least three deconstructed guitar solos, then she records a sub-three-minute absolute punk banger called “Krokodil” for obscure Record Store Day 7” release, and it turns out to be one of the best songs she’s ever written. High-octane guitars and double bass make up a motorik groove onto which Clark lays down bucketloads of distortion – her limber voice fuzzed almost out of recognition, classically lithe, speedy guitar riffs reverbed out of control. That is to say, it’s truly fucking awesome.

Tracking 2012s Best Songs #8 Tracking 2012s Best Songs #8

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