Premiere: Beat Radio – “The House That Heaven Built” (Japandroids Cover)

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Judging by Long Island’s Brian Sendrowitz’s music-making moniker Beat Radio, you might expect a bevy of throbbing, clubby bass jams, but you’d be wrong – Sendrowitz has been making pretty but not at all corny acoustic pop-folk since 2005. His latest offering is a fantastic cover of Japandroids’ recent jam-of-all-jams “The House That Heaven Built,” and, while we love the fist-pumping, moshpit-starting anthemic original, we’ve got to hand it to Sendrowitz for making his cover into something yearningly tender and beautiful.

Beat Radio: “The House That Heaven Built” // MP3

Beat Radio has just released his second EP of 2012, Hard Times Go, Part 2 (the first part was released in January). Follow those links to stream the EPs at Bandcamp. Check out Part 2 highlight “Days Like Diamonds” below:

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