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With the release of last year’s Syro and this month’s Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2, it’s obvious to see that Aphex Twin was not joking when he told Rolling Stone that after years of silence, he was in “that [releasing music] mode now,” we just didn’t expect him to turn it up to beast mode and dump over a hundred demos on Soundcloud for free.

fly away babies, good luck!
– Soundcloud user48736353001 a.k.a. Aphex Twin

The gigantic music dump is, of course, unverified, but hosts of Aphex Twin collaborators and die hard fans have vouched for the tracks’ authenticity. While it’s more than likely that AFX decided to crack open a hard drive and share its contents with his fans, we wouldn’t be all that mad if this turned out to be a hoax. This stuff is that good. Stream (or download) everything below:

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