Download: Kitty – D.A.I.S.Y. rage

Kitty DAISY Rage
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Kitty, the viral hit turned artist, has reached the level of popularity at which one receives death threats for using a Dilla beat while being white and a she. Fortunately, it’s 2013 and most people aren’t so close-minded, including known fans Ryan from The Office, Danny BrownRiff Raff and apparently Noisey, who gave Kitty the keys to their Twitter account today (click for amusement) in honor of her record release.

D.A.I.S.Y. rage is closest thing to a “full-length” record the 19 year old Florida rapper Kitty has released, and we’re happy to report that it’s her most coherent release yet. Grab the mixtape/EP here for free, or more if you like.

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