Hot Chip: “Night & Day” (Daphni / Caribou Remix) MP3

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Caribou’s dance-ier, remix-prone project Daphni has taken on the impossible tast of making Hot Chip’s latest In Our Heads single, “Night & Day” and making it dance-floor friendlier. Snaith mostly strips the song from Alexis Taylor’s vocal track and focusses on the song’s awesome, early LCD Soundsystem-indebted groove. It’s as minimal and natural a remix as they come, not focussed on reinvention but exposing and magnifying the track’s strengths. Listen and download below:

Hot Chip: “Night & Day (Daphni Remix) // MP3

Hot Chip’s In Our Head album is out June 12th. Listen to promotional singles “Night & Day” and the fabulous “Flutes”.

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