New MellowHype: “Fakuoy” MP3

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MellowHype, the collaboration of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, is one of our favorite Odd Future affiliates, and they’re dropping their second record, Numbers, soon, though no official release date has been announced. New leak “Fakuoy” isn’t a single, but it’ll definitely appear on the album. We’re hoping the rest of the record can boast raps as smart, brutal, and totally boss – that creepy, simmering backbeat is hypnotic, but it can’t distract for a second from Hodgy’s snappy and effective fuck-the-haters one-liners. What’s really impressive here is how utterly relentless “Fakuoy” is – MellowHype won’t let your attention waver for a moment. Check it out.

MellowHype: “Fakuoy” // MP3

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