MP3: New oOoOO – “NoWayBack” f/ Butterclock

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San Francisco producer Christopher Dexter Greenspan boiled his illustrious-sounding name down into the less Google-able signifier oOoOO to release his murky, hazy brand of rhythmic, tuneful witch house on an overlooked self-titled EP last year, but don’t worry if you missed Greenspan and his percolating, underwater beats the first time around – he’ll drop a second EP under that name in April, and you can stream its fantastic first single now. “NoWayBack” features the tender, hazed-out vocals of Butterclock buried deep underwater or obscured through opaque planes of darkness. We love how he amalgamates the deconstructed club beats of witch house with chillwave-y background drones, and this ghostly, otherworldy track is a perfect primer. Our Loving is Hurting is out April 10 on Tri Angle.

oOoOO – “NoWayBack” f/ Butterclock (MP3)

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