New MellowHype (OFWGKTA) – “IGotAGun”

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Next Tuesday, July 12, Fat Possum will commercially release BlackenedWhite from Hodgy Beats and LeftBrain’s MellowHype collaboration. As we noted earlier, the release will come equipped with two new tracks from MellowHype to sweeten the deal. We heard one of the two new tracks — called “64” — last month, and now you can listen to the second new track, “IGotAGun,” below:

MellowHype – “IGotAGun” from BlackenedWhite

Click here to listen to “64”.

BlackenedWhite will be the second commercial release from OFWGKTA, preceded by Tyler The Creator’s Goblin. Coming up next, Frank Ocean is expected to release a 7-track EP with Def Jam called Nostalgia, LITE.

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