New Braids – “Peach Wedding”

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Last week we learned that Braids and Purity Ring would appear on a joint 7” single including new tracks from both Canadian psych-poppers. Braids' “Peach Wedding” is now available for streaming, the group's first new song since they dropped their mesmerizing debut, Native Speaker (if you haven't heard lead single “Lemonade” do so now!) and it might be the least twisted and most accessible of their repertoire.

The track is still undoubtedly Braids, founded on an eerie, Animal Collective-aping guitar riff ("For Reverend Green", anyone?), electronic sounds imbued with psychedelia, Raphaelle Standell-Preston's melancholy vocals, and off beat drum rhythms. Stream it below; Belispeak/Peach Wedding 7” comes out October 10th via Fat Possum.

Braids - "Peach Wedding"

Download an mp3 of Purity Ring's contribution to the split-single, "Belispeak", here.

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