The Flaming Lips – “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys Cover)

Beach Boys
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Earlier this week we got an entirely unnecessary new Beach Boys song, and today we get The Flaming Lips covering one of their masterworks, Pet Sounds’ centerpiece “God Only Knows.” As they’ve been known to do, the Lips take the original’s modest psychedelia and, for better or worse, turn it up to an 11. This pulsating, riffing mess is made sweet, however, by Wayne Coyne’s fantastic and uncanny take on Brian Wilson. Beach Boys purists may not be into it, but fans of the Lips’ unending (and sometimes shameless) ascent into the avant-garde will be pleased to listen to a timeless classic deconstructed in this fashion. Either way, check it out below––

This cover is part of MOJO tribute compilation Pet Sounds Revisited, celebrating 50 years of The Beach Boys.

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