Nine Inch Nails’ David Lynch-directed “Came Back Haunted” video

nin lynch
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The most exciting music news in a long time for nerds like us came a few weeks ago when it was confirmed that David Lynch would direct Nine Inch Nails’ comeback single “Came Back Haunted” – something about both Lynch and Trent Reznor’s taste for unearthing the creepy and disturbing in the everyday makes a collaboration really exciting, not to mention they’d worked together before on the soundtrack for Lynch’s 1997 movie Lost Highway. The video comes with an epilepsy seizure warning, which makes sense, given its strobelike cuts between grotesquely warped images, planes of color, and shaky visions of Reznor, but its disturbing, disorienting vibe perfectly fits both artists’ M.O. Check it out – NIN’s Hesitation Marks is out September 3.

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