10 Downloads You Won't Regret

featuring The Internet, Bill Callahan, Shearwater and more.


[Other Downloads You Won't Regret]

Mansions – “Flowers In My Teeth”
Mansions are set to drop a new album (entitled Doom Loop) on November 12. Album-cut “Flowers In My Teeth” was the last to be written for the record.

Eagulls – “Requiem”
The Eagull's recently recorded a cover of Killing Joke's “Requieum”. Their swifter take on the track will serve as the B-side to their Nerve Endings 7-inch.

Bill Callahan – “Small Plane”
A delicate, stand-out track amongst an album full of them, “Small Plane” is the most self- accepting Bill Callahan song to date.

His Clancyness – “Machines”
“Machines” is weightless,dreamy rock 'n' roll, that—at least vocally—doesn't sound too far removed from Kurt Vile's latest LP.

Jeremy Messersmith – “Tourniquet”
Messersmith has been more-than-messing-around in the Twin Cities music scene for three- quarters of a decade now. His latest track, “Tourniquet” is his first release since signing with Glassnote, and is a well-crafted and expansive pop song to boot.

Gavin Turek – “Let Me Go!”
The exclamation point at the end to the track title is all you need to know: “Let Me Go!” is glimmering pop music for the masses.

Pagiins – “Idiosyncratic Ant Blues”
Pagiins have claimed they want their band name to evoke the image of “Nicholas Cage getting his face torn apart by bees”. “Idiosyncratic Ant Blues”, then, probably serves as the ideal soundtrack to that mental image.

Shearwater – “Fucked Up Life”
Shearwater are set to drop a covers album late November. Record closer and Baptist Generals' original “Fucked Up Life” finds the band doing one hell of a job contrasting weighty words with uplifting instrumentation.

Spazzkid – “Weird Girl”
“Weirdgirl” finds Mark Redito (AKA Spazzkid) chopping Japanese pop samples into something both spazzy and joyous.

The Internet – “Partners In Crime Part Two”
“Partners In Crime Part Two” is probably—besides anything by Frank Ocean—the easiest Odd Future-related listening experience you're ever going to get. This is one for the replay button and relaxing.