11 Downloads You Won't Regret

featuring CHVRCHES, Volcano Choir, Azealia Banks, Meek Mill, The Antlers & more.


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CHVRCHES – It's Not Right But It's Okay (Whitney Houston Cover)
A glittery and clap-happy victory lap for CHVRCHES, recorded during a BBC radio session.

Volcano Choir – Comrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)
Volcano Choir unearthed a bunch of “Comrade” remixes this week. This is my favorite of the bunch, but the rest (which can be found here) are worth checking out as well.

Akhet– Blown Away ft. Azealia Banks
Banks made big news this week dissing Disclosure, but she also quietly dropped the loud “Blown Away”, which she guests on.

Meek Mill – Rich Porter ft. Rick Ross
Meek Mill dropped the third entry in his Dreamchasers mix-tape series earlier this week. Album standout “Rich Porter” showcases what he does best: sit back, relax, and make boasts over a harsh beat.

Lo Fine – Lie In White
Lo Fine is a great, lost American treasure, founded by Kevin O'Rourke in 1998. “Lie In White” is a two-part track guided by O'Rourkes warm delivery and fuzzy guitars.

Modern Life Is War – Fever Hunting
Well, apparently the emo revival is upon us—whatever that means. Revival or not, Modern Life Is War is a band that needs to be taken note of, and the ferocious “Fever Hunting” is a good place to start.

Blaenavon – Wunderkind (Antlers Remix)
This “Wunderkind” remix has touches of the Antlers' hooves all over it, from the airy atmosphere to the polite splashes of horns.

Those Darlins – In The Wilderness
Those Darlins released their latest album, Blur The Line on Tuesday. “In The Wilderness” finds the band harnessing their rock and country sound.

Blue Sky Black Death – Keys ft. Gucci Mane, Deniro Farra, Nacho Picasso & Mack Shine
Blue Sky Black Death are a production duo from Seattle, and on “Keys” they've enlisted a handful of rappers to ride out their flow.

Lady Lazarus – Never Ever Anna
Lady Lazarus—not unlike Youth Lagoon—finds comfort in the open nothingness that surrounds her voice. “Never Ever Anna” will stick to your gut before it wrenches it clean.

TRAAMS – Sleep
“Sleep” is a raw, catchy offering from TRAAMS that will make you wanna do anything but.