12 Downloads You Won't Regret

Featuring Blood Orange, Pure Bathing Culture, Marnie Stern, Ghost Wave and more.


Grooms – I Think We're Alone Now
Depending on who you are, it's either great news or devastating news that Groom's “I Think We're Alone Now” isn't a cover. The track is, however, the first slice of Groom's next record, Infinity Caller, and it picks up right where they left off: making dark and charming 90s inspired tunes.

Obits – Spun Out
“Spun Out” is the second teaser of the Obits upcoming Bed Bugs, and if you're into Jack White with a little meat on his bones, this ones for you.

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs
Pretty punk yet pretty restrained, “Black and Studs” shows that the four girls who make up Potty Mouth not only excel at rocking, but at picking band names as well.

Ghost Wave – Bootlegs
“Bootlegs” is the latest single from New Zealand rockers Ghost Wave. Part of their debut full length Ages, “Bootlegs” is too cool for school—even that rock 'n' roll one.

Brandt Brauer Frick – Two in a Bush
“Two in a Bush” is a one-off by Brandt Brauer Frick for Muscle Tuff, a compilation disc put on by their label The Gym. And clocking in at six intense-moving-minutes, it'll sure make you feel like you just left one.

Blood Orange – Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake Cover)
Blood Orange brings a huge heaping of 80s (drum machines, slap bass, wailing guitars, and subdued synths—he does it all!) to this great take on a great track.

Keeps – Come With Me
Keeps is a pretty new band from Nashville who are set to drop their debut album in September. “Come With Me”—an enormous sounding track with thunderous drums and that epic-empty guitar sound Wu Lyf once championed—is a seriously correct first step.

Gallant – If It Hurts
“If It Hurts” is dreamy guitar gush of R&B brought to you by Gallant, an artist who seemingly came out of nowhere but certainly won't be staying there.

Midlake – Antiphon
According to the internet an antiphon is some kind of devotion, usually sung as a response. I haven't connected the dots yet, but this song is pretty kickin'.

Migrant Kids – Canvas of Me
“Canvas of Me” is one of those big moving songs primed for an epic movie moment. Or an extra-intense episode of Scrubs—and I mean really extra-intense.

Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum (Women's Hour Edit)
Pure Bathing Culture are set to drop Moon Tides in a couple of days, and in the mean time they've gracefully offered up a non-album edit of “Pendulum”. Honestly the intro freaks the crap out of me, but the rest of “Pendulum” is—well, I guess the whole thing is pretty warped.

Marnie Stern – This Was It
“This Was It” is a well-deserved victory lap for Marnie that sticks close to the sound she honed on her excellent 2013 release, The Chronicles of Marnia.

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