Download: 1,2,3 - Dreamland, Pt. 1 (For Daisy) EP


Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3 make the kind of effortlessly catchy pop that’ll earworm its way into your heart in under five seconds, but their New Years’ gift to their listeners has them exploring new territory.

Recorded by frontman Nic Snyder (with some help from his friends and bandmates) as a gift for his baby niece, Dreamland, Pt. 1 (for Daisy) is a five-song lullaby you can download for free. Whether you’re nursing your New Years’ hangover or need to put a baby to sleep, you’ll probably be into some of the tracks on Dreamland – they maintain the band’s loveable pop sensibility but verge delightfully on new-agey ambience. We love the first two tracks, “Riding the Wooly Bug to Dreamland” and “It Gets Dark.” Give it a listen or download.

Download EP

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