14 Downloads You Won't Regret

Featuring Nicolas Jaar/DARKSIDE, Franz Ferdinand, Karen O, Tyler the Creator, Los Campesinos, Andy Stott & more.


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Jacuzzi Boys – Be My Prism
“Be My Prism” boasts a layer of sleepy haze over its rockin' underbelly, but even that's a poor excuse for me sleeping on this one last week.

Los Campesinos! – What Death Leaves Behind
“What Death Leaves Behind” is the first taste of Los Campesinos! latest venture, No Blues. Per usual, the band manages to be both hilariously devastating and strangely uplifting, all the while sounding epic as all hell.

The Cloak Ox – King Rope
“King Rope” is an inventive rocker from Minneapolis' the Cloak Ox that's just funky enough to tide us over until they release their debut LP Shoot The Dog on September 17.

La Luz – Big Big Blood
Thanks to a flashy set of sticks and impressive harmonies, “Big Big Blood” is a sun-shining jam that snags the perfect amount of shade.

Zachary Cale – Wayward Son
“Wayward Son” is reflective and humbling—and simply another great effort from the under- unappreciated Zachary Cale.

DARKSIDE - "Golden Arrow / 1120"
Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington are about to release a new DARKSIDE album. Here are beautiful first 11 minutes.

Andy Stott – Anytime Soon
“Anytime Soon” is a dark and haunting 8-minute build that never properly breaks, yet breezes by regardless.

Silent Rider & Camille Corazon – Black Crown
“Black Crown” is a new original offering that meshes the confident voice of Camille Corazon and Silent Rider, a group previously best recognized for their remixes.

Factory Floor – Turn It Up
Every added aspect to “Turn It Up” comes crashing in like a weirdly welcome intruder. It may extremely minimal, but it only takes one drum to dance.

Karen O - The Moon Song
"The Moon Song" is a simple, very pretty little song the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman wrote for Spike Jonze's inventive new comedy Her.

Franz Ferdinand – Oblivion (Grimes Cover)
While this is absolutely great, I cant help but greedily gawk over an imaginary full-band studio cut. *sigh*

SPEAK – Peaks
“Peaks” feels strangely familiar, like seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time.

The Burlies – The Ocean
Amidst anticipation of a new Dismemberment Plan album, The Burlies—another Travis Morrison fronted band—have dropped “The Ocean”, one steamroller-stomp of a track.

Tyler, The Creator – Garbage
This was bound to happen eventually, right?