9 Downloads You Won't Regret

Featuring PJ Harvey, Banks, Diana / Four Tet, Fuzz, Mac DeMarco and more.


PJ Harvey – “Shaker Aamer”
PJ Harvey has been known to take a political stance, but “Shaker Aamer” blows her other efforts out of the water. Named for a hunger-striking British citizen who has been detained in Guantanamo Bay for 11 years without a charge, “Shaker Aamer” is a direct, bare-bones call to action for a situation that desperately needs it.

Banks – “Waiting Game”
Up and comer BANKS has only four tracks to her name, yet she's already slammed an opening slot touring with Weeknd. And like Weeknd's best stuff, “Waiting Game” is haunting, strong, and beautiful. Welcome to the dark side of R&B.

DIANA – “Perpetual Surrender (Four Tet Remix)”
Amidst prepping for their full length debut, DIANA got a one-track make over courtesy of Four Tet. His take on “Perpetual Surrender” is a seven-minute-move-fest alarmingly full of vocal loops and saxophones that somehow tops the source material. It's that good.

Fuzz – “Loose Sutres”
While Ty Segall hasn't given us more than a wink of his new solo album, Sleeper, he did offer up a taste of another project, Fuzz, this last week. And damn, was “Loose Sutres” tasty. Even with Ty on drums, “Loose Sutres” has his prints all over it—especially on the “drop your trousers and light them on fire” guitar riff that kicks in around the two-minute mark.

Death Rattle – “Fortress”
“Fortress” was dropped a few months back, but even after having put out two other excellent tracks, Death Rattle has seemingly remained under the radar. As a duo, they make brooding electro-jams that creep and crawl under your skin. And “Fortress” gets way, way under your skin.

Phox – “Noble Heart”
After their sneak-in set at Lollapalooza last weekend, it's only a matter of minutes until PHOX —the latest ticking time bomb from Wisconsin—go off. “Noble Heart” is a prime slice of what the band does best: create a lush, beautiful backdrop for Monica Martin and her dazzling vocal chords.

This Routine is Hell – “Nostalgia”
If you need one hardcore punk band in your life, This Routine is Hell is it. “Nostalgia” offers up a never-ending source of energetic restlessness, as well as some of the most hard-hitting and important words put to music all year. Their latest release, Howl, is up for free download on their bandcamp.

Forest Fire – “Waiting in the Night”
Forest Fire gave us on the internet a gift this past week with “Waiting in the Night”, a hushed groove set to be on their upcoming record, Sleeves. The track effortlessly meshes bleepy-blorps and acoustics to create a dreamy, weightless atmosphere perfect for a night drive.

Mac DeMarco – “Young Blood”
Mac DeMarco's “Young Blood” is the most recent track from the Adult Swim Singles series, and, Mac being Mac, it's one of the few pairings that just makes sense. “Young Blood” is pretty goofy and pretty groovy—and pretty great as far as hockey songs go.