Air - Sing, Sang, Sung



“Do the Joy” was virally released July 7 and now AIR (French acronym translated Love, Imagination, Dream) releases their new album’s official single. “Sing, Sang, Sung” is the latest from the French electronic pop duo consisting of Nicolas Fodin and Jean-Benoit Duckel. In their proper single, they master a Euro-esque electronica ambience with a few simple down-tempo beats. “Sing, Sand, Song,” is mildly up lifting, almost cheery, with a spacey, air (no pun intended) type sound to it. The only thing I have kind of against this track is the semi-robotic chorus – it gets dull.

On their newest album, Love 2, Godin and Dunckel take care of all the vocals themselves, but team up with L.A. drummer, Joey Waronke to get that suave-groove beat. Their sixth studio album is due for release mid October.  This is the first album the duo recorded in the comfort of their very own Atlas Studio. Listen to it here

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