Air - So Light is Her FootFall



My love for AIR started years and years ago when I heard "Playground Love" from The Virgin Suicides and ever since then AIR has always had a soft spot in my heart. They can do no wrong. When their single "Sing Sang Sung" hit the net, I immediately downloaded it and have listened to it on repeat ever since then. So yes, You can say I can be a little bias with them.

"So Light is Her FootFall" is the epitome of AIR. There's the hushed vocals and angelic piano which we've heard before from them but the moody guitar is not only seductive but it cuts right through you and is probably what saves this track to stand out. The song could have easily been on Talkie Walkie or Moon Safari, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not a great thing to say either.

If this is their 5th studio album, and "So Light is her FootFall" is already being known as a "highlight" of the album (Love 2 which is out October 6th as previously mentioned) it makes me think that we're probably not going to get anything groundbreaking, experimental, or new with them. That, of course, is totally fine with me because AIR has always been known to lure me in and keep me within their trance and this track definitely sucks me in the way their previous albums did. I will take them as they are (beautiful, dreamy, and pure) and will wait for the new album before I make any assumptions.

Listen to the new track here: