AlunaGeorge: You Know You Like It (Bondax Remix) MP3


If there are two young UK electro artists we’re psyched about, they’re probably AlunaGeorge and Bondax, both duos of hyper-talented kids who wouldn’t be able to drink in America yet. It's exciting to hear them working in tandem (and you should be, too) – Bondax just dropped a remix of AlunaGeorge’s breakout jam “You Know You Like It” that’s positively awesome, irresistible summer fodder. We’ve long been enamored of Bondax’s creativity with beatcraft, and here they chop, screw, and speed up Aluna Francis’s vocals into a rapid, stuttering pace that sounds ready for the club and your spin class. We particularly like what they do with that pop magic chorus. Check it out.

AlunaGeorge: "You Know you Like It" (Bondax Remix) // MP3