Philadelphia's Amazing/Wow describe themselves as a Avant-Punk Rock power duo that makes no-nonsense punk songs that cut through with abrasive stop/start dynamics. That is a rather simple description that ultimately ends up low-balling the band.


In the same vein that runs through the core of the West Coast's noise-pop aesthetic, Amazing/Wow find their place, somewhere between No Age and and something a bit more digestible. Amazing/Wow find a way to hold on to melody and structure while still thriving in a chaotic wall of sound. Songs like "We Don't Need Anything" and "Spy Games" sound like a powerhouse when performed live, whereas "Where Is The Universe?" sounds like Amazing/Wow's "alt-rock" cross-over hit.

According to their manager, who used to work with PMA faves Chiddy Bang, the band will begin recording their first official release by the start of this November. The duo also has plans to tour down the full east coast and then back upwards towards Philadelphia from late February into most of March. Dates are tentative and will be listed on their Myspace page over the course of the next couple months. Each song being provided were recorded in a west Philadelphia basement.

Amazing/Wow - We Don't Need Anything

Amazing/Wow - Spy Games

Amazing/Wow - Where Is The Universe?

New York: check Amazing/Wow out @ Piano's tomorrow (Tuesday)