Animal Collective - Bleed (Live) / Summertime Clothes


Are people really bored with Merriweather Post Pavilion already? It sure likes that way when there are bands of people looking for the post-MPP Animal Collective. What do they sound like? How will they make me feel?


So far, post-MPP Animal Collective is made up of some mediocre remixes and a singular live track, "What Would I Want Sky," none of which really scream out for my attention the way Merriweather Post Pavilion does. Earlier this week, a fan over at Collected Animals posted up this live recording of a new AC song performed in Washington, DC. This new song, "Bleed," focuses heavily on ethereal tribal-esque chanting and a vocal battle between Avey Tare and Panda Bear. "Bleed" isn't anything to get excited over, a b-side at best.

However, I am excited that "Summertime Clothes" is Merriweather Post Pavilion's official second single (July 7th) and that AC will release it along with 3 other "Summertime" remixes, oh and some wicked cover art. Read on for the tracklist and to listen to "Summertime Clothes" AND to watch Animal Collective's David Letterman performance

A1 Summertime Clothes (Album Version)
A2 Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)
B1 Summertime Clothes (Leon Day AKA L.D Remix)
B2 Summertime Clothes (Zomby's Analog Lego Mix)

Also catch the boys dropping by David Letterman and performing their upcoming single.