Annie - I Don't Like Your Band


Annie is back! The Norwegian electropop star’s newest album Don’t Stop was finally released to the U.S on November 17th, after a label change, edits to the track listing, and more than two years of anticipation after the album was originally announced.


“I Don’t Like Your Band,” the fifth song on the new album, is typical of Annie’s synth/electropop style. It takes vocal influence from Madonna while sticking to the hard-hitting digital sound of the 80’s synth revolution, producing a pop sound that explodes out of the speakers.

The song puts down someone else’s band, and you can’t help but feel bad for them because they are probably walking around humming Annie’s tune to themselves without knowing it’s about them. And to be honest, they really shouldn’t care. If they can’t make a good song, at least they can serve as inspiration for one.

Check it out, but take note of the disclaimer: it will be stuck in your head.

MP3: Annie - I Don't Like Your Band