Aphex Twin Shares New Music From Himself, And His Six-Year-Old Son

"I love music by people who dont know wtf they are doing…it's the best"

So apparently, Aphex Twin's six-year-old son is something of a musician, and even inspired the title of the producer's latest album, Syro - "it comes from "syrobonkers," a word he made up. In an interview with NoyzeLab, the reclusive producer explained that he "loves music by people who don't know wtf they are doing....it's the best..." before pointing out that there's a bunch of new, previously unreleased music on his SoundCloud, some of which he produced himself, some by the young Aphex. Check out/download a few below, and head here for the rest. In other Aphex news, did anybody else hear this mashup album of him and Taylor Swift?