Download mixtape from 'Yeezus' producer Arca

Arca amp

If you could get through the insane wealth of information that was the full list of collaborators on Kanye West'sYeezus, you'd see that the buzzy Brooklyn producer Arca directly had a hand in four tracks, and was credited as a "production consultant" on the record as a whole. We're sure being such an asset to Yeezus was kind of a timesuck for him, because we haven't heard any solo production material from Arca in over a year - until today, with a free mixtape called &&&&& (we decided to call this "amp five"). It's all glitchy, creepy, high-concept weirdness, with effects that sound stolen from horror movie soundtracks chopped and layered into quasi-clubby instrumentals - in short, too weird even for Yeezus. Check it out.