Arctic Monkeys B-Sides & Rarities Project - Choo Choo



The Arctic Monkeys B-Side & Rarities Project was inspired by Matthew Perpetua’s Pop Songs 07-08 project, and was first introduced on November 19, 2007 and it ended there. On March 21, 2009, Pretty Much Amazing reached out to a person with a lot more Arctic Monkey credentials, the man who named his music blog after a string of words Alex Turner wrote while try to figure out “Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys”: Will Oliver from We All Want Someone To Shout For.

The goal of this series of posts is fairly simple, I am going to write a post about all of the Arctic Monkeys B-Sides, non-album tracks, bootlegs and other rarities. I have no clue how long this will take, or even if I will finish it, but it should be a fun ride. You might be curious as to why I’d select the Arctic Monkeys as the subject of such scrutiny. To be frank, the Arctic Monkeys are one of the only bands of which I can honestly say that I saw flounder and flourish from beginning to present. I feel that I can relate to their music, along with everyone else that’s young and living their life in all its blundering glory.

Arctic Monkeys - Choo Choo

Before Favourite Worst Nightmare was even a thought, Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys got their name out with great live performances and memorable demo’s. One of the songs that got left off of their debut album and any EP/Single release is the fan favorite “Choo Choo.”

“Choo Choo” was a track that fans still want resurrected from the dead. It really has Arctic Monkeys written all over it — raw and gritty. Unlike the darker newer material “Choo Choo” showcases the band before all the hype and fame. I can really just imagine the band playing this in their garage, unaware of the future journey that they were about to take. It is the sound of urgency, of a band that has become more than legendary, riding a one way train to success.

We can only hope that the band surprises us and brings Choo Choo back from the dead someday.