Arctic Monkeys - Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)



A few days ago, I told you guys about the four new songs the Arctic Monkeys premiered live. What I didn't mention was that on the same night, the Arctics also covered Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand," for lack of an mp3. Luckily, Hypeful has one to share.

The Arctic Monkeys have always been one of my favorite cover bands (em, or one of my favorite bands period). While their cover of this Nick Cave tune isn't bad per se, it really doesn't live up to their other amazing covers, like their cover of Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good," or their cover of Barbara Lewis' 1965 classic "Baby I'm Yours." Though, it's hard to compare this cover to those, as it is live and the other ones were recorded in the studio.

Either way, for Arctic Monkeys fantatics who have been yernin' for some new A-Monk tunes, here you go!

Arctic Monkeys - Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)