Asher Roth - I Love College


I really, really didn't like Asher Roth, or "I Love College" when I first took a listen. Even when this guy was the hip hop blogs' little bitch, I couldn't get over how much he sounds like Eminem. It was almost insulting that he was getting so much attention when it seemed that he was just mimicking Slim Shady circa-The Slim Shady LP. He even sounds like Eminem during "I Love College"'s speaking parts.


So why do I like it now? Blame these twostations. After repeated plays by a couple of my regular traffic-jam radio stations, I took a mild liking towards Asher Roth's "I Love College." The beat is laid back and it has a very stoned feeling to it. Or maybe it has a sentimental drunk feeling to it. Also, to be honest, Roth speaks nothing but the truth about what college is like nowadays. For all of us who are done with college, can we really say not say: i cant tell you what i learned from school/but i could tell you a story or two? I can definitely relate to this. It's also good to know that this song doesn't just belittle the standing getting an actual education has in the Average Joe's college career — it also teaches us some valuable life lessons, that any Joe can pick up in college.

um yea of course i learned some rules
like dont pass out with your shoes on
and dont leave the house till the milks gone
and dont have fun if shes too gone
when it comes to cookies eat two
then tomorrow night find a new JAWN
hold the milk bong
nothing wrong with some fun
even if we did get a little just too drunk on that milk

It really puts college into perspective, right? I sort of want to have an experiment. For those of you who ARE in college, answer me this: is this song pretty much (50%+) dead on with its description of your college-life, more specifically the weekends?

I probably won't get into another song by this dude, but let's take a look at the tracklist of his upcoming debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle:
01. Lark On My Go Cart [Prod. By Oren Yoel & David Appleton]
02. Blunt Cruise [Prod. By Oren Yoel]
03. I Love College [Prod. By Mike Carren & Ben Allen]
04. La Di Da [Prod. By Don Cannon]
05. Fallen [Prod. By Novel]
06. Be By Myself (Ft. Cee-Lo) [Prod. By Oren Yoel)
07. She Don’t Want A Man (Ft. Estelle) [Prod. By Oren Yoel]
08. Sour Patch Kids [Prod. By Oren Yoel]
09. As I Em (Ft. Chester French) [Prod. By Oren Yoel & David Appleton]
10. Bad Day (Ft. Jazze Pha) [Prod. By Oren Yoel & David Appleton]
11. Lions Roar (Ft. Busta Rhymes?) [Prod. By Oren Yoel]
12. His Dream (Ft. Miguel) [Prod. By Oren Yoel]
13. Nothing You Can’t Do [Prod. By Nottz]

I guess I can't really tell if I'll like a song based on the title and producers (I can't say I know many of these producers), but I am instantly curious to listen to "Be By Myself" featuring Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo, and "She Don't Want A Man" featuring Kanye West's Estelle. Maybe I will listen to those two only, until enough people tell me to listen to the full album. Oh, and did I mention that Asleep in the BreadAisle is out on April 20th. Yep 4/20. Can this guy get any more cute/obnoxious/annoying?