MP3: New Atlas Sound - "Terra Incognita", New Album


Last year, Deerhunter released arguably their best album with Halcyon Digest, not even a full year after frontman Bradford Cox released his acclaimed sophomore outing under his solo moniker Atlas Sound. It appears the artist hasn't given himself much of a break away from music, yesterday announcing that he would be putting out his third solo record, Parallax, this November via 4AD. Cox also released the first single from the record, “Terra Incognita,” which he's giving away for free.

“Terra” is a soft and subtle ballad, mostly acoustic, not far off from the more ethereal jams off of Cox's last solo effort, Logos like “My Halo.” It's the singer's fragmented voice that steals the show; download “Terra Incognita” below:

Atlas Sound - "Terra Incognita" (MP3)