MP3: New Azealia Banks - "F-ck Up The Fun" p/ Diplo

Azealia Banks

Go ahead and pinch yourself, because this might be the collaboration of your dreams but we swear it’s real: Azealia Banks and Diplo have finally teamed up on a track, the rapid-fire “F-ck Up the Fun.” His beat is nonstop percussive insanity that sounds like a high school drumline mashed up with Stomp, his production sees Azealia half brag-rambling (stacked and layered sometimes beyond comprehension), as she does best, and half stunningly, mind-boggingly rapping, as she also does best. End product – electrifyingly catchy, totally relentless. A full-length record is rumored for September – keep an eye out.

AZEALIA BANKS – "F-uck Up The Fun" (MP3)