Basement Jaxx - Saga (ft. Santigold) / She's No Good (ft. Lightspeed Champion)


Basement Jaxx are finishing up their upcoming LP, Scars for its October release, according to a Billboard report. The album's ridiculously fantastic first single "Raindrops," has already made Scars one of the most anticipated albums of the second half of 2009 — and now we have got the chance to listen to a few more cuts from the album, including "Saga" featuring Santigold and "She's No Good" featuring Lightspeed Champion.


"Saga" isn't crazy-fun like "Raindrops," instead Basement Jaxx have created a dub environment reminiscent of Santigold's debut album. A little disappointing because Santi can really thrash over a sick electro beat (see: Creator, Gifted). Notwithstanding, "Saga" is an exceptional Santigold track; a cut that would impress and satisfy any Basement Jaxx and Santi fan.

"She's No Good" sounds a lot more like the Basement Jaxx I want to hear. Featuring vocals by the undeniably good Lightspeed Champion, "She's No Good" has a simple dance-pop build-up and hook that has been dearly missed and welcomed warmly.

[via LA Friendly + Sheena Beaston]