MP3: New Beach Fossils - "Shallow"


Beach Fossils have been so ubiquitous for the past few years that we have to keep reminding ourselves they’ve still only released one self-titled LP. Brooklyn songwriter Dustin Payseur and his merry band of dream-popping cohorts have been making hay injecting a healthy dose of jangly, tightly interwoven ‘80s new wave-inspired guitar riffage into a style that tends to pride itself on sounding so hazy and out-of-it it’s almost like lying in your bed with a sinus infection, and those nervous guitars are still in finest form on the band’s newest single “Shallow.”

It’s another driving, percolating lo-fi cut from the band – those dueling guitars sound like Real Estate playing six miles away, but Payseur sounds like he’s singing right in your ear. We’re looking forward to the band’s second album, but they’ve only announced an upcoming 7” on their label Captured Tracks, which’ll include “Shallow” and another new song, “Lessons.”