MP3: Bear in Heaven - "Sinful Nature"


You already know about Bear in Heaven’s 400,000% slowed-down stream of their upcoming record I Love You, It’s Cool, and you know about that record’s excellent single “The Reflection of You” and its decidedly not slowed-down video, but you don’t know about their latest I Love You track, “Sinful Nature.” It’s a fantastic song, keeping in the shimmering, day-drunk electro-pop vein of the record’s other singles but exploring a kind of dark, expansive psych-rock territory too. As if that weren’t enough for today, you can also watch a five-minute mockumentary about the makings of their recent time-bending promos. Check out both the song and the video; remember I Love You, It’s Cool drops April 3. Hit the download button for an MP3 of "Sinful Nature."