Beat Radio covers Robyn "With Every Heartbeat"


Last month we premiered Beat Radio'stender acoustic cover of Japandroids' mosh pit anthem "The House That Heaven Built," and that was a bit of a hit around here, so we figured we'd share another. For his Hard Times Go, Part I EP (free), Brian Sendrowitz threw in this cover of one of our favorite songs in recent years, Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat."

It starts off like a day at the carnival before becoming the full-throated thumper you'd imagine Holden Caulfield would have on his iPod. Things only look brighter after Sendrowitz throws us a blistering guitar solo that feels like, as our own Genevieve Oliver would say, a sunshine headache. In other words, it's pretty fucking great. Download the mp3 here.

Beat Radio are trying to get their Hard Times, Go! album pressed on vinyl and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to do that. Two preview Hard Times Go EPs have already been released for free (check out numero dos here), so if you'd like to get the full LP on translucent red 12" vinyl, or even better, be directly involved in pressing independent music, head on over here.