Beat Radio - Sleepwalking



The kick drum sound on this song is a field recording of fireworks exploding. I got it from I wanted the song to feel like summer. I wanted it to be a rock and roll song. The lyrics are about trying to create a sense of community. You surround yourself with creative people and you support each other, in basements, in bars, drinking cheap wine in backyards. Without them you fall to pieces. Sometimes even with them you fall to pieces.

-Brian aka Beat Radio

I love this song. I love that the crazy sounds resonating through my ears are fireworks exploding. I love that this song makes me want to call up my buddies and hang out and abandon my fort for a while.

"Sleepwalking" is little fuzzy, lo-fi bits of deliciousness. Brian may have intended this to sound like summer, but it feels like summer is ending. Sadface... but at least it's going out in style.

Beat Radio - Sleepwalking | mp3