Beat Radio - Sunday Matinee EP


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Let's give Beat Radio a warm welcome.

No pretense here, Beat Radio is here just to make some great summer tunes. Their new free EP, Sunday Matinee, is three songs that will see heavy rotation on my iPod this summer.

I don't know how the weather is where you live, but Beat Radio is perfect sweet, beach dream-pop for the wonderful weather Angelinos have been graced with all summer long.

Beat Radio's debut record The Great Big Sea out on iTunes. LP2 Safe Inside the Sound should be out Summer 2009.

Listen to their delightful EP here:

1. Teenage Anthem for the Drunken Boat
2. Stranger Flowers
3. Sunday Matinee

Let me know if you dig Beat Radio. I have a track from their upcoming second LP... and it's pretty fuckin' great, but I figured the free EP was a nice enough introduction.

And totally separate and unrelated... an interesting "Poker Face" cover!

Building Rome
Myspace | Website | New album Nightmare coming October 2009.
Poker Face (Lady GaGa Cover)