MP3: Best Coast - "Boyfriend" (Lindstrom Remix)


We've been receiving a lot of oddly paired, weird remixes lately. Firstly, gothic electro producers Cold Cave remixed Belle & Sebastian's “I Didn't See It Coming,” and now renown Swedish virtuoso Lindstrom has reinterpreted stoner surfers Best Coast's “Boyfriend” off of last year's Crazy For You.

It sounds abnormal and strangely unsettling at first to hear Bethany Cosentino's voice carried by high pitched synths, drum machines and electro beats, Lindstrom even altering her vocals during certain times. Though it may take some time to get used to, it's certainly an interesting re imagining. Also, there are times where it sounds like ABBA.Check it out below: [Ed note: this remix makes me grin like a fool]

Best Coast - "Boyfriend" (Lindstrom Remix) (MP3)