Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow Remixes


Boom Boom Pow is dope. There, I said it. I may have knocked it down when I first heard it, but there is no other song that can make a club go crazy the way "Boom Boom Pow" can. My only beef with "Boom Boom Pow" is that I knew it would be difficult to remix. The Black Eyed Peas have already crafted a extremely dance-floor ready track and making a good "Boom Boom Pow" remix means you had to really switch shit up.


Even though it might be a challenge, I challenge DJs and remixers to remix "Boom Boom Pow," because it's the most fun song you will hear on the dance-floor this spring. So far, I've come across three "Boom Boom Pow" remixes I can get into bed with.


This remix is coming from the guy who made Lil Wayne's "Prom Queen" listenable — and it reminds me of a balloon. The pitched up vocals to the synth-loop that resonates throughout the entire track are to blame.


T-Minus 321 adopts a semi-organic, semi-synth approach that ends up sounding like a Kanye West and Lady GaGa lovechild. If you don't automatically know this is a good thing, just... you don't even deserve an empty threat from me.


Despite an annoying intro, Mr Gaspar has made my ideal Boom Boom Pow remix. He slowed it down, something you won't hear in many Boom Boom Pow remixes this year, and he added his own bubbly mark to the song. It's a simple remix that doesn't rely on too much on glitter and bling.

Any other ones I should be made aware of?