Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Style (ft. Kid Cudi)(Zuper Blahq Remix)


Warning: You're about to see the music chart geek side of me
This is not so much a remix, as it is an entirely fresh(?), independent thought, or what I'm calling "Boom Boom Pow, Pt. 2." Think of Usher's "Love In This Club." It sat at the number one spot for a couple of weeks, what did he (and his label) do? He recorded "Love In This Club, Part II" with two sure-fire chart-hitters Beyonce and Lil Wayne (fact: "Love in This Club, Part II" peaked at number 18 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart).


I can't imagine why this version of "Boom Boom Pow" wouldn't be & co.'s creative way to make sure "Boom Boom Pow" stays in the charts for as possible to maximize, exploit, and inflate possible first-week album sales for their upcoming LP, The E.N.D. It goes without saying that this remix will do exceptionally well in urban and rhythmic radio formats (the same formats that helped T.I. take control of the first two spots on the Hot 100 for weeks with "Whatever You Like" and "Live Your Life"). It's also notable that Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite" is currently sitting at No. 6 on iTunes, and "Boom Boom Pow" is sitting at No. 1 almost a month after its release. The BEP and Cudi lovechild has almost-insured iTunes and radio success.

All this may actually come to pass on May 5th (my birthday by the way) when the Black Eyed Peas release their Invasion Of Boom Boom Pow EP. This EP is where this Zuper Blahq-produced, Kid Cudi remix comes from. The EP will also come packed with Boys Noize remixes featuring 50 Cent and Gucci Mane, and a David Guetta Remix. I have received my promo copy, and I like it.

Listen to "Boom Boom Style" and a funky Santigold remix after the jump

Santigold - Shove It (ft. Spank Rock)(Grandtheft's Disco Remix)

Ever wonder what a Hercules & Love Affair and Santigold collaboration would sound like? This pretty much nails it right in the head. This could have easily been a b-side on the "Blind" 7-inch.