Check Out: Bleached - "Searching Through The Past" MP3


Anyone else really miss Mika Miko? The Los Angeles all-lady quintet churned out six years worth of awesome, super-catchy lo-fi before disbanding in 2009 to pursue other projects. It turns out one of those other projects is almost as awesome, so we’re getting over it.

Bleached is the new band of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, Mika Miko’s singer and bassist. Their latest jam is “Searching Through the Past,” the a-side on an upcoming 7”. It’s out-of-control infectious, pure sunny, beachy, catchy fun, as the sisters’ intertwining guitar riffs and vocals effortlessly weave a nostalgic, stoned summerscape.

Even if you aren’t a Mika Miko fan, check this out – Bleached’s bright lo-fi feel is way more immediately accessible, and just as good.

Bleached - "Searching Through The Past" (mp3)