Bloodgroup - My Arms



Despite what you might infer from their name and Icelandic origins, Bloodgroup aren’t purveyors of dark, apocalyptic metal. Instead, they create dark, apocalyptic, yet danceable pop. Although some comparison with The Knife might be unavoidable, in “My Arms” Bloodgroup has crafted something unique. Yes, there are the ethereal synth leads and foreboding bass lines, the haunting vocals that The Knife have made as Scandinavian as the midnight sun, but the sum of parts isn’t equal.

“My Arms” is hard, a sharp slab of obsidian, all angular beats and smooth surfaces. Janus Rasmussen’s vocals croon and call, slinking around the beat (which he creates), while Lilja Jonsdottir answers with soaring oooohs and aaaahs. Lilja’s brothers Halez and Raggi handle the synths and samplers, but again, this is about more than the individual components. “My Arms” is darker than any song that makes you want to dance this much has a right to be, and that makes it all the more compelling. Like dancing under the midnight sun.

MP3: Bloodgroup - My Arms