Download: B.o.B - EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial Mixtape


Golden-voiced Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., better known as B.o.B, is back with a self-released mixtape, EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial, up for your streaming and downloading pleasure today.

To us, EPIC seems like a mixtape that can’t make up its mind as B.o.B tries to appeal to every conceivable audience – some tracks sound like B.o.B’s trying to cultivate a more edgy hip-hop personality after the everybody-and-their-mother success of his biggest hit “Airplanes,” playing to the musical and lyrical tropes (we caught references to both Hennessy and Patron in first track “Epic” alone) of mid-2000s Southern rap and then hearkening to the Odd Future set with background hollers of “Swag!”

Other songs (we’re looking at you, “Wrong”) sample Phoenix’s “1901.” Other songs are emotive reggae-tinged breakup jams. The moral of the story is, there’s something on here for you. Our favorite is "Boom Bap", featuring T.I. and Mos Def.

BoB - EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial