Bon Iver "For Emma" (feat. Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band)



Back in April, Paste Magazine highlighted a high school jazz concert [Justin] Vernon conducted solely benefiting the first band he was a part of. The Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band travels to New York City every year to partake in the "Essentially Ellington" competition but lacked the funds needed to make the trek eastward. Quite the distinguished (seat-filling) alumnus, Vernon helped completely sell-out an auditorium and put on a show consisting of great Duke Ellington covers as well as some brass-injected Bon Iver material. -I Guess I'm Floating

Earlier this month, Bon Iver's record label, Jagjaguar released a short, eight-song live album of that show called A Decade With Duke. You can order it at Amazon for only six dollars. All proceeds will go to the Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band. Listen to the jazz-powered "For Emma" below:

MP3: Bon Iver "For Emma" (feat. Eau Claire Memorial Jazz Band)