Brazilian Girls & David Byrne - I'm Losing Myself




David Byrne has made sure to keep himself relevant and cool in 2008/09, singing with Brian Eno, N.A.S.A., and now the Brazilian Girls. The ex-Talking Heads singer has been doing a great job, making far from a lame cameo on "I'm Losing Myself," but instead carrying the song with his enthusiastic talk-singing and sputtering. The song's got a great groove, with a funky chorus, out-of-control horns and electro-noises; all complemented by exciting, upbeat vocals from Byrne. Not to mention the power-out, shut-down ending with all singers together chanting "ooo" that got a smile out of me.

Originally, "I'm Losing Myself" was sung in french by the gals, but they've changed it up for some more mainstream exposure with Byrne taking the helm. It works to phenomenal effect and creates one of my favorite electro songs of the year so far.