Britney Spears Womanizer Challenge: Go To, Timid Tiger



Don't Forget:

SPREAD THE WORD: Pretty Much Amazing is calling out bands everywhere (especially ones who email me wanting their material on this blog), COVER "WOMANIZER" AND GET PMA-EXPOSURE.

Not only do I two new "Womanizer" covers to share with you, but I also have 2 bands to introduce. The first of which might be familiar to some of you. The first band is the cleverly titled Go To This band was created exclusively for this Womanizer cover for PMA. Handclaps, guitar craziness, and Spanish lyrics brought to you by Jeffrey Luppino-Esposito and Stelios from PopSense. This cover definitely rivals Lily Allen's cover. For serious. Watch out for their debut album It's, Bitch! in 2009.

Another band that covered Britney's Womanizer on PMA's call is Timid Tiger, a soulful bunch of indie-electrolites. Their cover of "Womanizer" superb. It's original and the last 2 minutes of the track get pretty insane. Highly addictive.

Here's a little blurb from the band:

We love to mix music-genres and styles. Using selected live-drums and biggo beats, a bouquet of electric guitars, bouncing bass lines and a whole handfull of analog synthesized bling bling.

From dusty 60's beats and shady 70's grooves to catchy 80s keyboards and contemporary hip-hop electronicas. From old to new school. A passion for music. Doin our own Songs, Remixes, Mash-Ups and more.

Live on stage as a band, or in the club as a DJ-team using a bunch of live-instruments.

Catch these two covers after the jump.

Go To - Womanizer
Timid Tiger - Womanizer

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