Candy Claws – Catamaran


A wonderful treat made its way into my inbox not too long ago. Indiecater Records, owned by our friends at mp3hugger, emailed out Candy Claws' "Catamaran," the first single off Candy Claws' debut album, The Dream of the Sea Life. "Catamaran" is an empyrean beast; a mesmerizing piece of shiny silverpop that just delivers.


This is what Indiecater had to say: "We found Candy Claws bathing in the waters off San Esteban near the shimmering Panda Valentine archipelago and they quickly stole our hearts. Their debut album is our first dip into electronica and we think you’ll be enamoured." You can listen to Candy Claws' debut album, In The Dream Of The Sea Life in its entirety here. Download the first single, "Catamaran" below.

Candy Claws – Catamaran | mp3

photo by alejandro fuentevilla