MP3: Cass McCombs - "Bradley Manning"


Cass McCombs released two partially great records, WIT’S END and Humor Risk in 2011 (we'd love to just stitch the best parts together!), but the prolific songwriter isn’t quite done – on January 31 Domino will release his latest single, a wistful biographical piece dedicated to and named after US Army soldier Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010.

Cass tells the sad story of Manning’s life and the events that led him to allegedly download material from an army database and release it into public domain over a lilting, emotive guitar line that seems to cast the man as a misguided Wild West hero. It’s an appropriately pretty and tragic song – “Know you’ve got friends though you’re locked in there,” Cass sings. Give it a listen.

CASS McCOMBS – "Bradley Manning" (mp3)