Ceci G - The Sleep



Do you remember what it feels like to be young and lost? In love? Happily laying in bed until daylight fades away? Maybe you are right now. But if not, perhaps Ceci G can remind you. Her new EP, The Sleep, sounds like the morning after. The good kind.

Ceci G is a singer-songwriter in New York City. (Where else?) She is an emerging artist without a large following yet, but if this EP is any indication she will have one soon. The Sleep’s superb mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation pad her sweet, Feisty voice on seven sincere songs. Sounds kind of like a nice rainy day in the city. But I’m tired. I might still be dreaming. How about you start off your day right – whatever time that might be - and just give it a listen?


The Sleep EP, released September 12th on iTunes.