Download: Charli XCX - Heartbreaks and Earthquakes (Mixtape)


Charli XCX takes on Drake, Jai Paul, Odd Future, Blood Orange and Blood Diamonds on her new mixtape, Heartbreaks and Earthquakes. Earlier today we featured XCX's excellent new single "You're the One."

Charli XCX: Heartbreaks and Earthquakes // MP3

Charli XCX: Heartbreaks and Earthquakes Tracklist

Beyond the Black Rainbow
1. Champagne Coast - Charli XCX / Blood Orange
2. How Can I – Charli XCX
3. Grins - Charli XCX / Blood Diamonds

The Craft
4. So Far Away - Charli XCX / Paul White

Kill Bill
5. Dreams Money Can Buy - Charli XCX / Drake / Jai Paul

Cruel Intentions
6. Lock You Up – Charli XCX
7. Spoons – Charli XCX / Rudimental

American Beauty
8. You're The One (Odd Future's The Internet remix feat. Mike G) - Charli XCX